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"When I create these one-of-a-kind pieces, I pour my heart and soul into the work. My hope is that when someone interacts with the art, that they feel something, anything."

Who is Scott Peters?

Scott Peters is an award-winning abstract artist based in the St. Louis area, who creates soulful, small and large-scale acrylic and mixed-media works on panel, canvas, paper, and vinyl. He uses improvisational skills learned as a jazz musician for his intuitive process; as when playing a jazz solo, his artistic vision takes flight and spills onto his media with passion, energy, and freedom. Using a bold palette and strong textural components created with everyday objects, his work reflects the complexity of human emotion and experience. Employing exoskeletal surfaces and rich textures which magnify and illuminate, the works extend beyond the boundaries of the canvas, welcoming the viewer to see more deeply into boundless possibilities.

What makes Scott Peters Art authentic?

This work is a reflection of his ongoing journey. At some point and at some level, everyone faces the pain and suffering of being human. Art helped Scott find his way forward. For anyone that lives in the shadows, unable or afraid to emerge from life’s trauma, he's been there. Through visual story telling, he invites viewers to join him. Perhaps those who see his work will connect with their own experiences and discover new pathways to healing.


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