Artist Statement

“Literature, painting, music – the most basic lesson that all art teaches us is to stop, look, and listen to life on this planet, including our own lives, as a vastly richer, deeper, more mysterious business than most of the time it ever occurs to us to suspect as we bumble along from day to day on automatic pilot.” 
-Frederick Buechner

For as long as I can remember, words, music, and art have been fundamental in providing meaning and insight to my life and the world around me. Utilizing a variety of materials and media, my goal is simply to share the experiences of human joy, pain, wonder, excitement, beauty, and genuine sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual depth and grace that I have known and that continue to reveal themselves to me. I hope that in my art others may see and feel a connection to their own experience, and find in it an essence of companionship through the realities of suffering and adversity, healing, happiness, love, and awe.

I am inspired by ever broadening revelations of truth and awareness of the divine spark; likewise, my art is intended to evoke and reveal the multiple layers, facets, and dimensions of life in this world, ever evolving, growing, deepening in ways that are personal and unique for each of us, and which we share in common, even in their diversity. As I continue to find myself in this work, so may you find something of yourself, something which leads you to stop, look, and listen for the things that are most important – our humanity.

Bridges-Scott Peters

BRIDGES | 2018, enamel, acrylic, modeling and crackle paste, gesso on canvas. View here. 

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